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  • Why should I buy a Rocky Mountain Growler?
    A RM Growler keeps your beer fresher that a standard glass growler. As soon you open a glass growler, CO2 escapes and O2 enters. This causes the beer to go flat and the O2 causes the beer to oxidize, leading it to loss of flavor. Our growlers are pressurized with CO2, locking in the carbonization and the flavors that the brewer worked hard to create. Also, if you ever have had a full glass growler break, not only do you cry over spilt beer, but it is a heck of a mess to clean up. Our Stainless-Steel growlers are next to impossible to break.
  • Where can I fill up a RMG?
    Most Craft brewers will fill your RMG. As well many Pubs that offer Craft beer also offer growler fills.
  • How long does the beer keep once I have filled it?
    As long as the growler is pressurized and kept cold, the beer will keep for 10-14 days. However, if you allow the pressure to drop below 5psi, the beer will become flat. If you intend to store the beer for more than a couple of days, pressurize the growler with 10-12psi. When you are ready to serve, release some of the pressure to 5-7 psi, or you will get nothing but foam for the first couple of pours. For the best tasting beer from your growler: Make sure your growler is clean and sanitized before you arrive. Have your growler chilled. Ask the staff to give the growler a quick rinse to make sure that nothing has contaminated since you last used it. Select the beer that you want and have the staff fill it for you. Screw on the cap without the regulator so that you do not damage the tap and regulator during transportation Once at home, remove the cap and screw on the tap and regulator. Apply 10-12psi (using a new CO2 canister if required). Store in your refrigerator at 10-12psi. Drink at 5-7psi by releasing a little Co2 using the relief valve. On larger models with the flow restrictor, adjust to obtain the amount of head/foam that you desire.
  • Is the pressure adjustable?
    Yes, there is a pressure regulator on tap systems, so you can regulate the psi. We find 5-7psi is good for serving and 10-15psi is best for storing beer for 2-10 days.
  • What pressure should I set the gauge at?
    We find 5-7psi is good for serving and 10-15psi is best for storing beer for 2-10 days.
  • How should I clean the Growler?
    We recommend cleaning your growler with boiling water before your first fill. Once you have used it, rinse as soon as it's empty. Before each refill, rinse it again to ensure it is clean. Don't forgrt to clean the hose and tap as well. After a few fills, if your growler has been left with beer in it, has yeast caked in it or has visible dirt then use “Craft Meister” Growler Cleaning tablets. If you do not have “Craft Meister” Growler Cleaning tablets, you can purchase some from our website. You can also clean your growler with warm, soapy water (fill ¼ way and shake vigorously). Cleaning procedure with “Craft Meister” Growler Cleaning tablets* Thoroughly rinse out your growler and then fill it with warm water. Add 1 cleaning tablet* and let it dissolve. Soak for 10 minutes. If you have a tap system, re-attach the tap and regulator. Use the CO2 pressure to run some of the solution through the tap. Release the pressure using the Pressure Release Ring before removing the Tap and regulator. Finally, empty the growler of the cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly. Re-fill the growler with clean water and re-attach the tap and regulator, re-pressurize the growler and run fresh water through. Release the pressure using the Pressure Release Ring before removing the Tap and regulator. Air-dry your growler thoroughly before refilling. Repeat if necessary. Sanitize with tablets, if required. TIPS for HEAVY Stains: Use 2 tablets Increase water temperature to 80o- 90o C Let soak overnight, up to 24 hours
  • Where can I purchase more Co2 cartages?
    We use 16-gram threaded cartridges and they available from our website
  • Do RMGs use threaded or unthreaded cartridges?
    We use 16-gram threaded cartridges and they available from our website
  • Can I use Nito Beer or Coffee in my RMG?
    Technically yes you can. However, as nitrogen bubbles are much smaller than CO2 bubbles, as special “Stout” adaptor should be used to get the final mouth feel that Nito beers are known for. We are currently researching obtaining parts that can be added to our standard tap system to be able to offer Nito packages.
  • My Growler won’t fit in the door of my fridge. Can I lay it down while it is in fridge?
    Yes, feel free to lay your growler on its side for storage. Just make sure that it is vertical when you are serving.
  • I get to much head on my beer when I pour it.
    We have found that too much pressure in the growler can cause over foaming during pouring, leaving the beer with too much head. To prevent this, turn the regulator to OFF, then reduce the pressure in the growler by gently pulling on the relief valve until the pressure gauge showe between 5-7 psi. Release the relief valve then turn the regulator back on until you hear the growler being repressurized slightly (a slight hissing sound). Check to make sure that the pressure gauge still reads 5-7psi. Adjust the regulator as needed to obtain the correct pressure. Turn the pressure back up to 10—15psi for storing your beer if you don’t finish it in one day.
  • Can I get custom logos printed on a growler for corporate events such as golf tournaments or parties?
    Yes, we offer single color small batch custom logo printing on all of our growlers. Please send an email to stating what you need.
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