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About Us

Rocky Mountain Growlers was started by a beer lover, for beer lovers.


I grew up in the age where there was only a handful of varieties of beer, from a small number of breweries and it all tasted the same. I always felt like I wanted something else. When I was 20 years old, my friends and I made our own beer! It started with kits, but soon graduated to boiling our own wort and roasting the grains ourselves. However, it was hard to get recipes and near impossible to find a good selection of hops and barley. Without the knowledge or the tools to make the beer I craved myself, my hobby was moved to the back burner as family and kids came into my life.


When the Craft Beer Revolution started, I was overjoyed! Finally, beer that was unique, had personality and had flavours from different cultures and styles around the world. It was what I had been craving when I bought my first at-home beer kit, made by people just as passionate and as curious as I was. I visited all the local breweries in my area, sampling and sometimes taking home a growler or two to enjoy with friends. I found one flaw with taking home a growler- it went flat far too soon for me to fully enjoy.


While attending the 2015 Craft Brewers Convention in Portland, Oregon I was introduced to pressurized, stainless steel growlers. I was sold on this technology immediately and bought one to take home to Vancouver with me. I was very pleased with my purchase, hot summer days on the beach with cold, frothy pilsners and camping trips with my favourite IPA- I was enjoying craft beer everywhere! And it wasn’t getting flat!


I found that when I went to fill up my pressurized growler, nearly every time I visited a brewery, I answered question after question about my prized possession. “Where did I get it?” “Can you get one online?” I had no idea, as far as I knew, I was the only one with one in the Province, as I had never seen another and clearly no one else had as well. No one seemed to sell them after the 2015 CBC. This gave me an idea.


In 2017, the Beer Gods smiled on me and I was able to start Rocky Mountain Growlers to help others enjoy their craft beer the best way- fresh from a tap.   


I hope you enjoy your Rocky Mountain Growler and if you have any comments, concerns or questions please email me directly at I will try to answer questions as quickly as possible to give everyone a personalized experience- after all, we are just all beer lovers.


Thank you and enjoy!


Ken Byres

Owner and Founder

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